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Here is an ongoing collection of videos and prototype examples of some interactive applications I have designed for various projects.

This is a simple head-tracking system I designed as part of the research and development for the In Plain Sight project.

 Voyager is a work collectively devised by myself, Ruxy Cantir, and Sarah Rose Graber. The project began as a developmental residency at SURGE Street Arts and funded by Creative Scotland. The culmination of the residency was a short performance that used a variety of interactive technologies as well as some audio reactive visuals. Here are some prototypes that we incorporated into Voyager.

This prototype is using machine learning and gesture recognition and using those learned gestures to trigger play audio files. The gestures are recorded using the gesture follower object that is part of the MuBu for Max library for MaxMSP. The audio playback is also being done in MaxMSP. The Kinect programming is all done using Java and Processing.

Here is a prototype that is using hand position to control the pitch of a drone synthesizer that I developed in MaxMSP. The Kinect programming is all done using Java and Processing.

 Cul Mor is a work collectively installed and designed by myself, Keith Salmon, and Daniel Thornton. The installation uses an array of virtual speakers to surround a single user wearing a wireless headset. Debuted at Tent Gallery of Edinburgh College of the Arts April 07, 2017. Featured on BBC Scotland April 2017.
For this project I created the interactive scheme in which Keith's audio files would be triggered according to specific hand movements and position within the installation space. I also developed the method for how the sounds would be panned in a three dimensional space.

For best results listen with headphones

This is a tech demo of an interactive composition I wrote that uses Microsoft Kinect tracking data to trigger MIDI notes in Ableton Live. The composition uses the app Synapse for the skeletal tracking, and PureData for OSC networking and sending MIDI Notes.

Here is a simple passive engagement application I designed in partnership with SoundPlay Projects.

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