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Ryan Scott is a Sound Designer and Creative Technologist originally from Seattle, Washington in the United States, who currently resides in Glasgow, Scotland. He is currently the Lead Sound Designer for Team Junkfish for their upcoming release Monstrum 2. In 2018, Ryan was awarded an Exceptional Talent Visa by the UK government based on his unique experience combining emergent, interactive technologies in the arts. As an audio specialist Ryan has contributed to a variety of projects including video games, films, theatrical productions, interactive installation works, and broadcast sporting events. Through these experiences he has shown versatility and the ability to contribute to a diverse array of creative and technical teams. In a relatively short amount of time he has proven himself to be a leader in the Scotland tech and art communities. Ryan is a member of Surge Scotland’s TechBox (a tech incubator focused on merging interactive technologies with physical theatre, street performance, and circus works); a member and volunteer for the Scotland Game Developers Association; founder of the Scotland Audio Group; and primary organiser of the Mixed Reality (VR/AR/XR) Scotland Group.

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